Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Shhhhhhhh.... No, don't talk. Just Shhhhhhh

Have you ever been sitting in a class or in a public space and you may just be casually eavesdropping... On the STUPIDEST conversation you have ever heard? Yeah. That's me right now. 

I am in French class, and I am not a normal teenage girl in the slightest I have figured out. There are these girls I sit near, they are your classic run of the mill, lulu lemon-outfitted, iphone carrying, squealing little annoying ass girls. 

And I want to kill them all, with a knife, a very sharp knife. 

They are texting a boy... And squealing. And over-analyzing EVERY SINGLE TEXT. "Should I put a winky face or just a smiley?" "What do you think lol with 3 l's means?" "Do u think he likes us" "should we all get in the picture (on snapchat) or just you or just us?" "OMG FROG (code name for boy) TEXTED ME OMG OMG OMG"


And that was my little rant for today. 

Thank you for listening.

Go on with your mundane lives now. 


  1. FABulous ! Maybe not the part about the knife... but fabulous nonetheless :)

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