Sunday, 25 January 2015

Heloo.. Please don't eat me :)

Hello Internet. Yes, I have been a bad little blog writer and have been slacking on the whole new-post-a-day thing. I told you I'd try :) BUT I'm here now so It's all going to be okay.

Hmm.. Well, I actually did something with my life on Friday.. Yes, surprising I know! 

I went to an extreme gathering of the nerds at a "Hobby Store" (not to be confused with a Comic Book Store however, as apparently they are two completely different things). 

I learned how to play the basics of an extremely confusing card game (that I still don't totally get) ... against my pair of Canadian Olympic mittens (just don;t ask), made a flower out of a receipt, and since I didn't understand half of the words they (the nerds) were saying.. I made sexual innuendos out of them (the words and phrases). In my head. While rethinking the direction of where my life was going as there was me, in a "Hobby Store" confused and bored out of my mind. 

This, sadly, was the most interesting thing I could have done with myself on a Friday night.

If you are wondering.. *which you weren't but I'm going to tell you anyway...* I was in this "Hobby Store" because I was meeting a guy. I wanted to meet him really bad so I agreed to come to this gathering of the geeks as I had nothing else to do. 

I felt like Penny from The Big Bang Theory. I sympathize with that character, as I know what its like to be surrounded by a gaggle of nerds. Always watching you like you're the last slice of pizza, or worse, a Limited Edition Mythical Rare foil card. (It's probably a thing...)

What else?

Well, today I went to my friends house to "Study" for our ART EXAM.. there was little to no studying actually going on though. Instead she (the friend) made a valiant effort to tech me to play Super Smash Bros. *The new one* and no matter how hard she tried to get me to understand, all of her efforts were futile. I continued to play using my go-to video game playing "strategy" (pressing random buttons which I do not know the function of and screaming).

Whilst I was talking to this ever-so-wise friend, I came upon the idea that I wanted to leave the safe realm of SIMS and go into uncharted waters to play a real game (the Legend of Zelda games). 

I had one small problem though. Me, the nice, humble, modest person i am gave my only gaming console (3DS) to my ex (Link) and now don't know how to ask for it back, as Link has blatantly ignored my requests before. 

AND its not just my 3DS i want back from him its my sweaters too.. yes, the "guy" (weenie with no balls... Link) took the "girl's" (my) sweaters. Meanwhile i got nothing of his. Hmmm... 

So, Link if you are being creepy and reading this, 1) %&*(*&?%$$?&**&?%$## you and 2) GIVE ME MY S**T BACK!! Love your amazing EX girlfriend, Alicia. :)

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