Thursday, 22 January 2015


Well, I guess I have to write something for today.

If possible, could someone remind me why exactly I promised to write something every day as I do not know how I came up to this abhorrent idea and I'm kind of (really) regretting it now.


Hey! So after two previous tries, I passed my G1 drivers (written) test! WOO HOO! I guess the old saying, "Third time's a charm" is true. Yes, it took me three tries to pass the supposedly easiest test in the history of life.

What else can I blabber on about?

Oh! I learned how to use the magical force of Skype last night, Its really not that complicated when you have a cute boy helping you through the maze of the many extents of the ever confusing Internet.

Skype still befuddles me though.


I'm watching Glee right now, and yeah...

We are going to just end this now before it gets really bad :/

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