Friday, 30 January 2015


I'm back. I once again was a bad Little blogger And have not posted. You May shun me now.

I have been binge watching Friends.  And now on season 10 episode 14 out of 10 seasons. I'm going to go into a deep withdrawal after it's over.

And I'm Just not feeling the writing thing today.

This is sad.

Hey! I got my stuff back from Link yesterday.  Exciting. And he just showed up on the doorstep with my cousin And her boyfriend. No warning.. Just poofed! It was like "bang he's back b**ch!" And I looked at him (big mistake) so as soon as I got my stuff back and they left I cried for like an hour *DANG HORMONES*

I HAVE Nothing LEFT to say to you people. .. or person. (More likely)

And sorry that's not a very funny post... but as I said not feeling it

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