Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I'm a very very bad little blog owner...

I completely forgot about the one year anniversary of my blog... You have full permission to attack me (please don't actually) because I suck at being a blog owner. I know I was supposed to post a blog a day, and I told you I tried... But alas, it did not happen. 

But i'm posting now so it'll all be okay.

Last year, I posted on how I hate Valentines Day and it sucks and i was a very bitter little 16 year old. 

Gonna do it again because I'm still bitter and I still don't like Valentines Day all that much.


Being single sucks in general but Valentines day makes the fact exceptionally unbearable. It's the little things around Valentine's day that gets to me personally... Like when you go to the mall with your brother so he can get stuff for his girlfriend and be really sweet and stuff. Or, when you have been through a recent horrible heartbreak *cough cough Link* and you see a couple still together that got together around when you and "him" got together, making you remember that they made it and you didn't. Or just seeing any happy couple makes you want to sit in the corner behind a plant and hiss at passersby with cats surrounding you and ice cream dripping from the corner of your mouth.

You can be all "girl power" with your friends and everything but secretly you want to not be a dateless weirdo for the rest of your life and at least, have a fling, not a forever thing... but just a rush of intense passion taking over all your good senses and conscience.. a fling where you fall fast, have fun and end up with a broken heart.

Then, there's all the movies that come out around Valentine's Day and they just make you feel even worse. There's always (it never fails) a movie that comes out around valentines day about how the "cute, nerdy" girl gets with the "hot, mysterious" guy. *cough cough again Fifty Shades of Grey* (but.. that one has a lot of creepy sex stuff in it.. not the best example)

SO.. this Valentine's Day, I will be sitting alone in my bedroom, eating something (or an assortment of somethings), binge watching a yet-to-be-determined TV show on Netflix and/or YouTube. I will be doing this whilst texting my equally lonely BFF Marlee. 

AND if you are a guy and you like what you read on this ridiculousness, please find a way to contact me because trust me, I'm a very nice girl and im not really all that much work as far as Valentines go..

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