Saturday, 14 February 2015

True Love.

Today, as most of you probably know is Valentine's Day. If you do not you most likely live under a rock. The pink and red and the hearts attack your face as soon as you go out into the world. It's impossible to miss. 

As it is Valentine's day today, and coming up on their 50th wedding anniversary, My grandparents celebrated in a "special" way. My grandfather isn't the most mentally "here" these days and normally thinks of nobody else but himself.  But, on this day he gave my Nana a SINGLE WRAPPED CANDY and a card that my nana thought was very sweet but as she read on she realized it, in fact wasn't a valentine's day card but an anniversary card. At least he tried… It's the thought that counts anyway.

I just thought this was kinda sweet for some reason and felt it was necessary to share.

Happy Valentine's Day people. 

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