Sunday, 28 December 2014

To Stay In or to Go Out? The World Dating Crisis...

*wrote this a long time ago... bear with me*

Stay in and cuddle while watching TV or to go out and have an adventure with your sweetheart (I wonder where that word comes from?? Did someone eat their significant other's heart and thought it tasted sweet so they started calling everyone else they dated (or maybe in those times "courted") sweetheart)? This is the constant question people (everyone in the world but me) asks themselves while dating. While there is a strong pull to just put some comfy clothes on, tie up your hair, no makeup and get a movie with your sweetheart while cuddling on the couch.. stealing kisses every few minutes (OMG I'm so lonely!!!). There is also an equally strong pull to get all fancy and to go have an awesome adventure full of surprises with that special person (wow. not feeling the funny-ness today are we)? Everyone has issues when trying to decide whether to stay in or go out for a date so here are some steps to help make this decision easier... (not that I would know, I've only ever dated one person in my life and we all know how THAT went...)

1. What do you do more? Stay In or Go Out?

 If you usually stay in for dates, Go Out but also if you usually go out it might be nice to Stay In.

2. Are the conditions right?

If you're planning to do something outdoors, how will the weather be? If you've decided to make a snowman together or just to go have fun in the snow.. make sure there will be snow on that day (duh). If you want to go to the beach together, Its always nicer to go on a sunny warm day rather than a rainy, gloomy, and just overall poopy (hehe) day.

3. ALWAYS ask your partner first what they feel up to.

Say your partner is feeling sick, they are most likely not going to want to go outside or to go anywhere period. So keep that in mind. (also you probably think that "She" might want you to go over to her house and take care of her.. well if she's anything like me *most girls aren't* she doesn't want to see anything or anyone and she's perfectly capable of nursing herself back to health, she doesn't need YOU to do it for her.)

4. Use common sense.

If you have a partner who doesn't like playing soccer, don't make a date to go play soccer for 3 hours... (COMPLETE AND UTTER TORTURE) They (I) will probably not enjoy it. If your partner says they would rather stay in, LISTEN to them. If you might not be the most financially supercalafragalisticexpialadocistic at the time, don't plan a huge, extravagant expensive dinner and then a movie if neither of you can afford it. This would be a good time to maybe stay in if you are both BROKE.

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