Sunday, 28 December 2014


I am so incredibly bored right now.

I have been watching the Star Wars movies for the last 24 hours with countless interruptions, played Sims 4 to my wits end, and (more times than I care to admit) have checked my phone to find nothing waiting for me (big surprise).

So, I am going to make up a list of my New Year's resolutions for 2015.

1) Attempt at good grades
2) TRY not to go completely bezerk one day and attack a City.
3) Acquire another boyfriend, him being preferably not psycho, needy, annoying, he will not get bored of me, someone who actually remembers what i told them to do... (So pretty much I will be dating myself) 
4) I am actually going to try and do my Homework. (HAHA that's a good one..)
5) Don't offend any of my poor, poor friends. As they put up with me for some unknown reason to the universe and i really should be nicer to them.
6) Maybe, I'll actually post on this thing.. (Resolutions are meant to be broken right?)

Also, I kind of want to kill the whole male gender... Perfectly normal.

*RANDOM THOUGHT POKED INTO MY MIND* OOH! I am reading this book called An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. I would recommend this book to anybody who is going through a tough breakup, as it captures the crushing, abhorrent pain of a broken teenage heart astoundingly.

*ANOTHER RANDOM THOUGHT* On the weekend, among the plethora of holiday parties I was forced (against my free will) to make an appearance at I found myself watching Barbie: Mermaidia with my 17 year old cousin at my 6 year old "relative" (don't exactly know how she's related to me, but i know she is somehow)'s request. The movie wasn't horrible as Barbie movies go, as it had some sort of a plot going for it, in a refreshing turn of events. For short, Barbie's-mermaid-friend's-BAE was taken by ugly, warty life forms. He was then bound and hung from his tail with seaweed rope. Barbie and Barbie's-mermaid-friend (forget her name) then saved the mullet-clad BAE in question and then he burst out of the seaweed restraints holding him, in a slightly sexual way, or that's what my mind got out of it anyway... 

My cousin then said i should write a erotica scene featuring the mullet merman and his rippling golden muscles as they burst out of the seaweed.

That, precisely is what I'm about to do.


He could feel the tension in his body, The seaweed was wrapped so tightly around his rippling biceps. The girls watched him. He began to puff his chest, the girls sigh. He moves his upper arm, the girls look hungry. He realizes they like his struggling. Moving his perfectly toned body in what some people might call a squirming motion, he bursts free from the seaweed shackles holding his body, roaring a mighty roar (sorry had to add that part).

… and that’s it

(THIS is the "Mullet Merman" in question...)

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