Monday, 5 May 2014

My Auto Class

**if somehow someone who happens to be in said auto class is reading this, (highly unlikely), I would suggest to STOP reading immediately**


My dad is a mechanic and he has decided that I need to know how to fix my own car, (I was kinda hoping he'd just do it for me... But apparently not) so I am now in Auto class. This class is designed for people with close to half a brain cell and I like to think I have more than one brain cell... So this class is mind-numbing ly boring for me and my brain cells, the teacher pretty much gives out the answers for free, (frequently). Speaking of this teacher, of course I am the pet of said teacher (I'm a teachers pet). My supporting reasons for saying this is 
1) We have to fill out these "job sheets saying what work we have completed during that particular class and then he gives it a mark out of five depending on how well we worked that day, I wrote on this sheet "wasted my time" and "quite frankly, I did absolutely nothing to benefit my learning today" and he have me a 5/5!!!! This has led to a class I am currently getting a 99% in and I do NOTHING in it. (Actually I'm in auto right now doing nothing and  ranting to the internet about my boredom). 

(This, was Thursday's class)

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