Friday, 2 May 2014


This post is going to be my thoughts an veiwpoints on the subject of MATH, so any math geeks reading this, avert your eyes now! 

MATH is the devil in my eyes, it is the worst possible thing I could ever be made to do in life... I don't like that English (the holy grail of my happiness) got seduced by math one day and then had a baby named algebra, it's just not right. Also, if someone could tell me a rational time in my life when I'll need to find the slope of a line, bring this magical (nonexistent) time to my attention please. 
Most people in my school and group of friends like this horrid passtime called math and they'd prefer it over the gorgeous subject of English (traitors) this, I don't understand because without English we'd all be illiterate blobs still grunting at each other... Math however is not as useful, without math we probably couldn't do taxes, (but who likes taxes) we couldn't buy things (WOO HOO FREE STUFF!!) and it would prevent the money issues in the world (nobody would have or even heard of this horrible thing called money, or debt, or depression). Math, overall is my enemy.. We are in a love- hate relationship and I'm done always solving it's problems! (Seriously it's got more problems than I do... And that's a lot!) 

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