Saturday, 3 May 2014

A good old classic 21st century white girl sleepover...

A 21st century white girl sleepover consists of: 

1) Bad mouthing other "chicks"
This, My friends is a classic element to any "normal" white girl sleepover... It's perfectly normal to badmouth other girls (or boys for that matter) behind their backs because in our spiteful day and age, they will probably be talking about you behind your back anyway so really, there's no real harm done in it...

2) Stuffing our faces with junk food and then immediately feeling bad about it
Junk food: the ultimate element that is  essential to attempting (emphasis on attempting) to pull and all-nighter.

3) checking on our (my group of friend's) nonexistant social lives (DEATH TO TWITTER!!!)
Social networking has actually partially destroyed the social element of sleepovers, because instead of saying "hey did you hear that frank and bobina "did it" last night?" It's now: yeah he posted an "after fornication selfie"... 

4) BOYS (or girls, whatever floats your sexual preferences boat?) 
Do I really need to explain this one?


  1. Hi i'm a girl in your grade and although we may not be in the same social group and we haven't talked since middle school (if we even did at all), I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading about your life.

    1. Hey, OMG it's a real person!! EEP this makes me so happy you don't even know!! Thanks you kind person! :)