Friday, 3 April 2015


Hey blogosphere.

*I am pretty sure I'm like the only person who actually says "blogosphere"*
So as you may think from the serious title of "Yesterday" (WITH A .) that something else depressing or sad happened to me yesterday and I'm about to blabber on about how nobody understands me and I'm going to be alone forever and just basically how life sucks. Well, let me tell you, that is a very wrong assumption.

Yesterday, (April 2nd 2015) was one of the best days I've had in a while.

It started out as a pretty normal morning, I got up, and then climbed back into my bed, snuggled for a while, and then actually got up. I got dressed and then the day of wonderful unicorn happiness commenced with me looking F.I.E.R.C.E (Admittedly, I did look "hoe"-like (as my mother and brother both manage to point out)).

It was while I was in the car that I remembered that I was FINALLY going for my braces appointment that day. I was at last going to be on my way to straight teeth. I had been waiting patiently for braces ever since grade 6, but alas, I am now in grade 11. #divorcedparentprobs.

Anyway, I did all that stuff and they took molds of my stupid teeth (Which, on the top resemble a cliff and sometimes I imagine that little people walk to their unfortunate deaths when they go a little too far and prance right off the edge of my teeth-cliff. Poor imaginary tiny people)

Well, that was random.

Okay back on track. After the Orthodontist, I got dropped back at school where, I had missed my “harder” class (English 3U) and now just had Art. In art I did almost nothing, because I had finished my Mythical creature assignment (It’s a two-headed dragon, I will attach a picture) and brought it down to the “Big” art room to be fired.

Art ended and in a surge if newfound confidence I decided I was going to eat lunch with this cute boy I have had a crush on for a while now. He sits alone and I felt bad (also, cute) so I decided I would bless him with my presence. My insane, loud, socially awkward self. I think I may have scared him because he’s really shy and quiet and I’m well… Not. We did talk all lunch hour, and I learned a lot about him, and yeah he’s real cute (Dimples = YES.) So that was the second ball of amazingness that happened to me yesterday.

After lunch, I just had SAP (Intro to Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology) and we were in the computer lab, so naturally my friends and I went on Webkinz and Polly Pocket and TVO kids and played children’s games all period long, reliving fond memories from the “good ol’ days”.  *Webkinz has sooooo many ads now it’s insane*

Then was the “buyout”. A buyout, for those who don’t know, is when something is happening at my school (Football games, Basketball games... etc.) and you (the student) brings in money (usually 2-5 dollars) and you quite literally BUY OUT of class. I got to miss Math for this buyout which I was pretty freaking happy about.

Another wonderful thing that happened yesterday was RUGBY practice (btw.. “Lunch guy” used to play rugby.. YES again) and at rugby practice, I got lifted into the air. It was terrifying and so fun all at the same time! You may be wondering… Why? Why did you get lifted into the air? Well, my friend, It was part of something called a Line-out, which, in rugby, is when the ball goes out of bounds and this is how we get it back in.

Lastly, I DRIVEDED  yesterday. I, actually drove a piece of machinery (my dad's escape) and I did not kill anybody! WOOT WOOT go me! I just went around in squares and I actually pressed the gas. 

And yeah, that is the recount of my amaaaaazing day! I never know how to end these things.

Well, bye!

P.S. For those people *coughs* *Mum* who were annoyed at how short my posts were, this one consists of 668 words so HA!

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