Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I am a big old crippled, smelly, tomato at the moment.

This is a problem and I feel like some complaining so, as always, I am going to tell one person on the Internet about it.  

Hey bruh.

So. How has your life been? Mine could be better but it's also not horrid.


First order of business is the fact that I play rugby, and I am so bad at it that sometimes it's comical. So I've decided to complain about what happened there first (and also clarify the "cripple" part in the title). I was practicing like normal, not really having a clue what was going on and doing a drill I've done 1000 times it feels like. So I started with the ball and was supposed to try and avoid my teammates who were going to try and tackle me.. Well, I started running, and running, and I was doing well if I say so myself. But then i got tackled by this teeny little girl. She fell on me with all her weight on my knee which was very exposed and very unsupported and just genetically bad too so, naturally with my luck  it got very painfully injured (It felt like it was popping out of its socket.) So that hurt. 

It's still weak and I can't really do much of anything let alone play again. So I'm kinda pissed that me and my "entertaining" (clueless) playing is not to be showcased for at least half the season. 

WOOT freaking HOOT 

Second order of business is the "tomato" explanation 

Well, I am a redhead, so therefore I have sensitive and fair skin that reacts to everything because why would any part of me be easy to take care of? 

And so I was WATCHING (still injured) my AWESOME team play some kick-ass rugby all day an it was soooo windy. It felt like little icicles pelting my skin at points. I admire them for only having shorts and a t shirt jersey. Looked so cold! Meanwhile I was on the sidelines like a wimp in pants, a coat and a big scarf... Still freezing.  In April. #canadaproblems

And the smelly is just that I probably should have a shower because my hair smells like wind and pizza for some reason.



Yes, a real life tattoo and I'm so insanely excited and terrified all at the same time. 

(I'll do a more in depth post after I get it... On Saturday)

2. My best friend got herself a boyfriend and I'm so happy for her because this one isn't a 100% jerk for once! YOU GO GIRL.

* Wow, I just realized that you, my one amazing reader is going to start this and be like... NOPE this chick has got WAAAY too many problems.! Run. But if you're reading this thanks for staying. *


*insert dirty minded thought here*

Get your mind out of the gutter, one, lonely viewer (I need to make up a more interesting name for you..) as I am not saying that in a dirty way... It just feels nice to complain about everything and then post it on the Internet for wveryone to see and read and judge..? 

Wait. Why do I do this again?


Sorry this isn't very funny, I'm just not in a super funny mood. 

Bye :) 

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