Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Library.

Okay so, I am currently sitting in the library and I feel obligated to at least seem to be doing something useful. This, is my useful.

It is currently 12:56 and the library is only filled with old people and scholarly college/university peeps. And then there's me, the random high-school-er (?) who is just sitting there with her tattoo, combat boots and ridiculously loud keyboard. Seriously could I get any more awkward?

The reason of which I am at this library, destroying people's silence is because I just got braces  (Invisalign) on across the street. 

Back to me being the most disruptive ever, Everyone here looks so focused and smart, meanwhile there is me, looking like a high school dropout writing to nobody on her blog.

Yup, that's me!

My laptop sounds like it is going to blast off into space, the fan is so loud on this ol' triceratops.

Also, there is this older lady beside me who keeps sighing and mumbling to herself, she looks to be in her late 40s - early 50s, wearing a navy blue sweater, a particularily colorful neck scarf tie thingy and her blonde hair is covering her face from my vantage point, making me unable to tell her true age. She is signing again, apparently this later-in-life schooling thing is very stressful... Now she sits, contemplating life whilst staring into her computer. Me and my curiosity want to know what shes doing!!!!!  She appears to be signing up for a lecture at a college? Or maybe shes applying to college...? Little late-in-life schooling happening here? Who knows. 

*clickity click click click clickkkk* 

that is what i sound like right now..

OOOH BISH PLEASE, ITS NOT MY FAULT I HAVE A DINOSAUR FOR A COMPUTER!! (stressed blue sweater lady just glared at me a mighty glare.)

I've realized that the small town I live in is extremely trusting of others. Maybe too trusting. Some guy just.. left... his MacBook on the table just there waiting to be stolen, Except it wont, because there is no criminals in a public library of a small town at 1:00 in the afternoon. He left and has yet to come back. *Did he get abducted? CONSPIRACY!!* This leaving-of-the-MacBook would never ever never no happen in a city like Toronto.... Someone wouldn't leave tenir muffin unattended, let alone a 1000+ dollar laptop. *sigh.. small town probs*

Oh look he came back! And guess where he went. Timmys. To get a coffee, how very Canadian of you sir. 

I want sushi.

God, my teeth hurt. 


Okay, we are going to end this before it gets much worse than it already is.

(My laptop)

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