Saturday, 25 April 2015

No, It did not hurt.

Hello interwebs... Me again. 

So today I was a badass and decided to get a tattoo. (No, this was not an impulse decision, no need to worry... I have been planning this for months) 

My tattoo is a Celtic (pronounced sell-tik) knot, which basically is a giant, fancy infinity symbol. It is all one continuous line and it represents basically what an infinity symbol does. It means, like, forever and continuity. KEEP GOING really, or that's what it means to me...

To answer the most asked question, and to explain the title, NO it did not hurt. It was like someone with the self restraint for NOT biting their nails incessantly (long nails) dragging them on the area you are getting tattooed. Not a big deal really. Honestly, the dentist is worse. 

So yeah, I got a tattoo and i love it! 

I got it from this really talented guy named Roger and he's really awesome and I would highly recommend him! 
His Facebook Page

and yeah, it took about an hour, it was $140 and if you have any more questions... put them in the comments! (I'm looking at you... on person who reads these things)


Me looking dorky.

It getting done.. FACE OF STEEL.


  1. This, is the comments section, do not be afraid to post here... It won't bite :)

  2. I would never have guessed this from you in a zillion years.
    Wow way to go expressing yourself good for you!