Sunday, 9 March 2014

Why Gingers are the Superior Humans.

Carrot Top, Ginger, Redhead. These are just 3 of the many nicknames gingers have been called. Being a ginger is  neither a curse nor a blessing. It is a unique experience to say the least. Being a ginger means that you are already from an infant subjected to ridicule from boring people who just wish that they could have your beautiful copper locks. It also means that you are inherently special, only 2% of the WORLD's population has the same orange puffball that they call hair as you. This copper color of hair is also an old lady magnet, (seriously I can't go anywhere without some old lady of whom I've never met before caressing my hair and telling me to never dye it and that it is a gift from god (more like a curse from Hades).

How to tell if someone is a TRUE ginger.
If someone is lucky enough to be blessed with the curse of having red hair (or if they are just a wannabe), there are some telltale signs if they're faking it or not. First, look for the FRECKLES, Freckles are a definite quality all redheads (or every real one I've met) has. Second, The pale skin. Every redhead has unnaturally pale skin and an inability to tan (It really is quite bothersome when you are on the beach in the summer and you are whiter than the clouds). A third defining although iffy quality is if they have fuzzy, curly huge hair.. some VERY LUCKY redheads have naturally straight hair, but most have completely fuzzy, frizzy, curly out of control hair and it never does what the person who has it wants it to do (look nice, or presentable at the least)

Gingers and their… Quirks.
Gingers are commonly known to be well, CRAZY!!! And in my case, it is 100% true. I am an absolute nut job. At one point I was debating with my brother on how Tim Hortons was like potatoes (potato aliens to be exact). I also have been known to speak in various accents (Southern, English, German, some sort of European thing) when I am over- tired.

Why I hate South Park (gasp)
I have never watched the show South Park and I probably never will, I won't because that show started the holiday KICK A GINGER DAY. Which is a whole day in which to celebrate it, you kick a ginger and this is a real thing… trust me there's a website and everything:

Ginger Stereotypes:
Gingers are known for many things ranging from being unbelievably geeky nerds (most likely stereotype) to in the odd case, for ginger women and men being sex gods. Yes, gingers can be both of these things but so can every other hair coloured person in the world if they want to (except for the sex gods thing, that is reserved specifically for gingers… Sorry!) Fiery temper also being a very prominent stereotype (which might I add is TRUE! so for any ginger "haters" out there, I would watch my back if I were you). Gingers are almost always in movies or anything really on TV, they are nerdy characters. This is unfair in my opinion. Gingers may be smart but that does not mean we always must be pinned as "the nerd". So many gingers are also perceived as weird, so think about it if you are or when you were in high school, how many redheads in your school had or have boyfriends\girlfriends?? not many right? This is due to the fact that because of television, we are perceived to either be extreme nerds, extremely creepy or just complete sociopaths.

Overall I really am proud to be a ginger, and even though having my orange puffball I call hair can be a tumultuous experience, I love it and I couldn’t think=k of having any other hair colour (although I have always wanted to see what I would look like as a blonde… (not really))

See? what did i tell you? ALWAYS THE NERDS!!!

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  1. Oh Lici, you seem to have forgotten the one absolute sign of a redhead... ;)