Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How it feels to get hit by a TRUCK

I know how it feels to get hit by a truck. I know what you're thinking... You are probably a little confused and maybe even worried (probably not that last one, I'm some random blogger you've never met and probably never will). It might help to say that "I have been hit by a truck" in my vocabulary, means I'm sick and I FEEL as though I've been hit by a truck. It is a figure of speech that I use (because I am an extremely over emotional, over compensating and DRAMATIC teenager... Sounds normal right)? And as of right now I feel as though I have been hit by a giant-ass Mack truck going 3000000  kmh (again with the DRAMA)... So in other words, I'm sick and I've got me a serious case of the sniffles (Excuse the hick-ness of that sentence). We all know how when your sick and you feel like Satan is about to come soon and take you to hell and that would still feel better than how you're currently feeling. Anyway, back to the truck system as I call it does have a range. My sick-ness could range from a children's wagon running over my toe to Bigfoot running straight into my forehead at full speed (for all you normal people out there.. Bigfoot is NOT a mythical creature in this case but a monster truck with GIANT wheels, search it up on google if you really want to know...) And that-that-that's all folks! (Really bad impression of the Looney Tunes ending)

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