Monday, 31 March 2014

The Fly that just WON'T DIE

Have you ever hated someone so much that you would do almost anything to get them to LEAVE YOU ALONE? I have that person in my life too, so as I do with all my problems... I'm going to tell random strangers on the Internet about it :) 

Today's problem is: (as the title suggests) is The Fly that just WON'T DIE. 
(Figuratively) I have smacked, sprayed, clobbered, smashed, pounded, pinched, skewered, and "annihilated" This fly but it JUST WONT LEAVE ME ALONE AND DIE ALREADY!!! I have tried everything people told me to do to get rid of said "fly"... I have broken up with it, I have ignored it, I have tried to be polite and just remove myself from situations with it in them.. But I will give this fly one thing, he is a persistent little bugger! He will not leave me alone I mean, it's been 2 MONTHS since I "smacked, sprayed, clobbered, smashed, pounded, pinched, skewered, and annihilated" this fly but it just keeps buzzing in my ear. And if any of you have ever had a fly or a wing-ed bug (or insect) in or around your ear it is one of the most ANNOYING things in the world. And that is exactly how it feels to be me right now with this fly that won't die it's one of the most annoying things on this earth to me (I say one of because I have a younger brother who is the MOST annoying things on this earth to me). But this fly *excuse my French* is getting pretty f**king close.. 

Anyway, the main point of all this "fly that just won't die" business is pretty much because I need someone other than my poor saint-like (for listening to me complain and drag them down with me) friends to blabber to. And because I kept getting complaints that I haven't posted in a while. So that's it for now...