Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I have a friend. (Surprise!) To say the least she's interesting... She is named after a trouble- making dog and her last name is disgusting. 

Marlee, is a talented soul in crushing on guys... She has had a crush at some point about almost every guy at our school probably and she changes her mind almost as much as I do. (She's gonna KILL ME) Marlee has a talent when it comes to having a crush on a guy (experience is KEY here ladies...) she also has some creepy ass spidey senses... She can "sense" a guy she likes around her from like 15 feet away... (Seriously... It's some creepy s**t!!!)

"Big Boobs"
A defining feature about Marlee is that... She has... Ummm... Large Endowments (big boobs) and this is her defining feature (when you are trying to explain her to someone) you say "big boobs" or "the Jewish one" and for some reason everybody knows who you're talking about... 

Marlee and her CODE NAMES
Marlee as you know, has a lot of crushes. She also likes to give "code names" to her (and my) crushes... It's either helpful or just plain annoying... (Mostly annoying) Some recent code names were: "Person Person" "Rib" and "Farmer" (yes these are what we actually used) 

Marlee is a sucker for romance... She will "Awwww" at every second word a couple says, or trying to read Shakespeare with her?? Have fun... Or at sleepovers when she is a little tired, high (on candy) and feeling a little lonely all she can do is "Awwww"... Marlee is not currently winning in the love lottery at the time.. So any single guys?? Huh? Huh?? (Come on, her defining feature is "big boobs" you know you want to get yourselves some o' THAT!!) 

Usually Marlee's name and Terrifying aren't anywhere near each other in a sentence but in this context the are... When I first met Marlee (at a grade 7 orientation thingy) I was so scared of her... I guess it was because she was loud and crazy so I couldn't handle THAT much awesomeness in one person at the time. 

Let's just say that somehow every time I share a room with Marlee she ends up having some issues and then she becomes naked (no lesbian-ness going on in said "issues")

My Sappiness:
Ok I'm about to get all sappy on yo' butts... Marlee really is one of my best friends, she is funny, beautiful (guys?), helps me with my *multiple* problems (JOE) and even though she may not see it all the time I really do appreciate her and everything she does for me. 

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