Sunday, 22 March 2015

Point Proof Explanation Paragraphs

I consider myself a human being, a creative one at that. 

I do not like structure, I feel it dampens my naturally creative spirit.  

This, is why I, as a human (as opposed to a rule-following robot only concerned with grades), do not like the "Point-Proof-Explanation" paragraph style. 

In this dead fish of writing structure, you do not actually need a single brain cell to write it. It follows a very specif pattern of: 
1) telling the "Point" you will be arguing in your paragraph.
2) finding "Proof" (usually in the form of a quotation from a text you were forced to read.) and properly citing it (Mooers 17). 
3) In an essay, the "Explanation" part is where you explain how your  "Point" relates to your thesis, stated in your equally dead and equally fish-smelling introduction paragraph.

I constantly voice my strong distaste for these paragraphs, including on multiple occasions, arguing with my English and history teachers to let me write MY WAY. I never win. So, my creative mind is forced to think scientifically and logically (for anybody who knows me, you know that I am not a logical person). 

Anyway, That's it.. Unless I find something else to complain about today.

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