Saturday, 28 March 2015

Might as well just shun me now.

Hello blogosphere, It's me again, and this post is slightly overdue but I have just been "busy" (extremely lazy) so I have not written anything.

Well, you're probably wondering about the title and thinking "No! we would never shun you we love you!" Who am I kidding, nobody is saying that. I'm typing to myself as usual.


Well, sort of.

I dyed the tips of my gorgeous red locks black. So far no elderly people have shunned me for my sins, but its only been a week. 

So yes, my minions, I have become rebellious and cool. Bow down to me :)

I also started wearing mascara, It's been a week and I'm already done with the whole not-being-able-to-rub-your-eyes-thing. So done.

This all happened while my best friend was in Cuba, soaking up the sun, without me, not even worrying that I may do something drastic like pretty much do anything I've ever said I wouldn't do. Boy, was she surprised. I posted a picture (a SELFIE, nonetheless) of my hair and when she got back she saw it and freaked out. Then, at school the following day, I walked in and she caught sight of me, her rebellious best friend, and barreled down the hallway towards me and my other friend Zara hid behind me because a barreling Marlee is a dangerous Marlee. She crashed into me and immediately started screaming and analyzing every new thing about me. In front of everybody, In the crowded hallway, It was great.

Anyway, that's that.

Hopefully you guys (one person who actually reads this thing... I know that you're out there) enjoyed this little rant thingmadoodle. 

'tis a picture of my beautiful monkey face

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