Saturday, 1 November 2014

Long Time No See!!


Oh my sweet baby jeebus its been a long time hasn't it? Too long. Well hi, (again) and I have not died, which is good I guess and a lot has changed since I was last relevant in the blogosphere (who are we kidding.. I was never 'relevant' in the blogosphere, I MAYBE have one fan.. and to that fan, I say thank you) and I'm here to fill you in on all the juicy "deets".

Anyway, since I last complained about my life to the internet for no apparent reason I have ACQUIRED A BOYFRIEND!! like, a real life living, talking, funny, amazing, cute BLAH BLAH BLAH sweetheart and if you couldn't tell, he is a factor I am very happy to have lured into the crazy bear trap that I call my  life. Also, I started trying *operative word here... trying* to wrangle my gelatinous blob of a life into something I can actually use (getting my volunteer hours, a job.. etc.). 

One of the main reasons I just figured out to use as an excuse for why I haven't been posting is because I haven't really had anything to complain about. I guess for me this is a good thing, but for my all of one fan (I LOVE YOU) I have out there who does NOT know me personally it's not such a good thing and I'm sorry for that. :)

OOH!! another thing.. I have learned how to type faster! which is also good thing because ever since I rebelled against those horrid typing programs in elementary school *sooooo cool*, I have been an inexcusably slow, monogamous and quite frankly just BAD typer (?) !!!

Okay so… My one fan, let me take you on a well deserved journey of what has been going on in my life for the past... while.

Well first, let's tackle the major issue on your mind.. HOW did I get a boyfriend?? Well. Where to start? Okay, June 28 2014.

This was the day I met my beau-to-be. On Facebook of all places. We both commented on my cousins photo and then talked pretty much nonstop for the whole summer. There was only one (well, two) "hiccups" in this whirlwind summer love story. "He" (the boyfriend in question) had a girlfriend... and then after her, another one. This was a horrid experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy and if you, my one amazing fan is a girl by chance.. and have EVER went through the pain of your crush (girl or guy, I don't judge) "picking" someone else to date rather then you... well, you know my pain sista *strange little twiddling fingers action that those two girls that nobody liked on Hannah Montana used to do*!!! (and if you are a boy, then this is a very awkward moment.. moving along).

This boyfriend of mine does have a name, and since I don’t feel like texting him right now and asking him if he wants me to use his real name or not, I will make up a different one. Link (as in from the Zelda videogames). Yes, we will go with Link, because this companion of mine is a geek through and through so I feel he will be pleased with this name.

Sooo.. where was I? Oh yes, the pain of your crush "picking" someone else… Well, don’t get the wrong idea. Link is NOT in any way, shape, or possible form to be considered a "playa".  He, in fact is the furthest thing from. You see, he had a girlfriend ("hiccup" number one) when I started to talk to him.. she then dumped him after deciding her ex was much more.. appetizing (don’t ask, just go with it). Then Link was emotionally distraught so, his best friend set him up with this girl ("hiccup" number two) and that lasted I think 2 weeks (?). But… now comes the good part. Where the lame, slightly deranged heroine ACTUALLY GETS THE GUY.

YES! It does happen sometimes. When the un-"wife up"-able girl gets the guy she's been chasing for two months. Been there every second he needed her. Through the stay-up-until-3am-with-him messy breakup and the new girlfriend. Every bad day and good, the one who kept yelling at herself inside while her feet throb from following this boy down a fricking LONG bike path to NOT FLIRT because he has a girl already. Her. She finally gets the guy.

September 3 2014.
YAAAS! we have finally reached my favourite part. The part where all of the s**t I did over the summer FINALLY PAID OFF. You see, while talking over the summer I had been using my irresistible redhead charms on Link. And as you can see they totally worked! So, on September the 3rd, 2014 Link asked me out over text.. and as any 16 year old girl would do, I was conversing with my best friend, Marlee about what was happening. I then answered with a HELL YES, squealed into my pillow and the rest is history J   

*strange little twiddling fingers action that those two girls that nobody liked on Hannah Montana used to do*

    I never said I was good at editing…

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