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I'm currently at my dad's, and I don’t even know why I'm currently writing this. But one thing is for sure… there's some bad energy (or JU-JU) floatin' around here. I know what you're all thinking (all, one of you guys… yes you… I like you) BAD "ENERGY" like, as in paranormal type energy and shat? Yes, as in paranormal type energy and shat. I just happen to believe in all that… and my dad's house has some seriously depressing "JU-JU" happening at the moment.

This "JU-JU" happens to be putting me in a very angsty-sad sorta mood so as always, I'm going to be writing about it.

Except for one *teensy weensy itty bitty* problem. I'm having some serious writers block. As I'm reading this over actually its quite terrible. Enh. Screw depressing JU-JU, im gonna write about 5 random topics generated by typing 'random topics' into Google (life saver!!) Be right back.

Hi. I'm back. and thanks to I've got my 5 random topics.

1) PS1 or N64?

2) How to make your own keyboard (?)

3) Nuclear Physics

4) Fun things to do with your lunch

5) Finding your soul mate

Okay… Now to (attempt) to write something sorta entertaining on these very random, unrelated topics.

PS1 or N64? (Playstation *One* or Nintendo 64 gaming consoles)

Okay so I wouldn’t consider myself a "gamer" but I'm also not a "cool person" (by a long shot) nor have I played on either of these consoles. So this is going to be a completely botched, unreliable Review I guess on which one is "better" by… asking the internet (what else?) And according to the gamer people who actually know what they're talking about on … the consensus seems to be the *drum roll* PLAYSTATION (one?) !! Yay?

How to make your own keyboard (?)

Hmm.. well umm… You uhhh you start with… With the computer-y thingy? You know the green thing? and you umm you get some piano keys, a wooden plank (spray painted black…) and some crazy glue then smoosh it all together so it *kind of* resembles a keyboard and VOILA you’ve got a brand spanking new keyboard!!! (as long as you, you know didn’t want to USE IT or anything ridiculous like that..)

Nuclear Physics

? I don’t even know where to start… umm…

*FUN FACT: while typing 'Nuclear Physics' into Google… I spelled Physics wrong TWICE (Psycis)*

If you understand this next paragraph.. Props

Nuclear physics research is focused on understanding the matter composed of quarks and gluons, which makes up 99% of the mass of the universe. Most of this matter is found at the core of atoms, the same atoms that comprise all we see around us (including ourselves). Researchers seek to answer questions such as how the universe evolved just after the Big Bang from a super-hot plasma of quarks and gluons, how the different elements of the universe were formed, and how a nucleus is made up of individual protons and neutrons interacting with each other with the strongest force in Nature. The protons and neutrons themselves are the basic bound states of quarks in the universe; how these states are formed from quarks interacting with the gluonic field described by Quantum Chromodynamics is still only poorly understood, and under active study.

From: (people who know what the eff half of this means..)

Fun things to do with your lunch

Eat it. <> Put it in a funkalishious container (no more boring, brown paper bags for you!) <> Dance with it <> Cuddle next to a campfire with it <> Send it "I'm going to eat you now" and "I ate you.. sorry" texts <> Let go of a floating lantern with it <> Have a condiment fight <> build a tree house <> bake a perfect rainbow cupcake (?) and eat it instead of your bologna and cheese sandwich that’s been sitting in your backpack for 3 hours (YUMMY)

*I typed "Fun stuff to do with your boyfriend" into Pintrest and it came up with "Boyfriend and Girlfriend to do list" then I made some of them lunch related.. clever no?*

Finding your soul mate

You know, I could probably go on for paragraphs and paragraphs about "find someone who makes you be a better you" and "find someone who 'gets you'" but I'm not going to do that. A 'soul mate' in my eyes could be human, canine, feline, shmegmaphatempine (completely made up word meaning "your imagination"), anything. As long as you and they (or it) feels the same about you and remember: You cannot force someone into love, you can only give them (or it) a million good reasons to do it themselves (hopefully with you).

Goodnight! (or good morning, I don't know what time it is)

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