Monday, 17 February 2014

Talentodes Day

As you know, I am not particularly fond of valentine's day (Or as my mum's phone insists: Talentodes day). And BY FAR this was my worst valentine's day to date! I started out this joyous day with my alarm waking me up 2 HOURS early, and I could then not fall back asleep for the life of me. So I straightened my lion's mane that I call hair (RAWR!) and sat downstairs watching TV (Riveting I know). I then realized that my father was not up yet, it was also 7:30... (We were supposed to leave at 7:00) **IMPORTANT NOTICE- My parents are divorced, my dad lives in Burlington, ON and my mum lives in Ancaster, ON** So I then had to go wake my dad up by yelling at him through the door and then we were finally on our way (by this time it was about 7:45). I then got a muffin at Tim Horton's that (of course) did not have any icing in it. And by the way my day was going I was already dreading going to school. When I finally got to school (with minutes to spare) I *OF COURSE* remembered that I had a butt load of homework. So I shoved my backpack and coat into had into my locker so that I could tell my teachers that I forgot my backpack at my dad's house so that I wouldn't get into trouble (INSERT APPLAUSE HERE).
Fast-forward to lunchtime...
So lunchtime, Hmmm.. What happened at lunch? Oh yeah! MAKEOUT-PALOOZA! One of the joys of being in high school on valentine's day is that every couple in the school is practically having sex in the hallways... Oh Great Joy of all Joys! (as if I didn't feel lonely enough already-- Thank You High school!)
Fast-forward through Makeout-Palooza to almost the end of lunchtime...
This, is when my friend had a complete mental breakdown over Doritos. My friend Zara, is OBSESSED with Doritos. They are her Holy Grail. My school is trying to be healthy (just an excuse to feed us different coloured pieces of cardboard) because of this we never have real Doritos (we usually have orange pieces of cardboard cut into triangles). But today we did and Zara went completely cuckoo for coco puffs (or shall I say Doritos) she was like a rabid squirrel (a very very happy rabid squirrel) that just drank a red bull.
Fast-forward through the two other mind-numbingly boring periods of the day with Joe staring into my soul... (Still working on that post, So Much to say!)
And we get to the best part of my Talentodes Day. A SLEEPOVER with my 2 little cousins!!! (they are 9 and 7) and my mum brought home some leftover cupcakes and cookies from her work chocked full of sugar (you can see where this is going) And of course they ate all of them. So then, (with 2 children that were on sugar highs) we prepared for bedtime.  Once they passed out, I fell asleep (after writing this of course) because: 1. I am not a "night owl" 2. I had been up really quite early and  3. I was in a bit of a hurry to get this god-awful day over with.

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