Monday, 7 July 2014

a teenagers perspective on love.

   Love  a ridiculous concept when you think about it. I mean, being willing to risk your life for one person, wanting to be with them for the rest of your life, sharing your bed with someone (Eesh!). All because of one person who just waltzed into your life one day and you (or your hormones) decided it would be a good idea to rely on this one person like you need them to live… it's insanity in disguise.

   The Hollywood definition of love is kisses in the rain, pebbles being tossed at your window in the middle of the night (which, by the way, I think is so freaking creepy and most girls DO NOT look that good at that time of night *Sorry ladies, but someone had to let the cat out of the bag*… nor do they want to be woken up out of their delusional  Twilight Edward vs. Jacob fighting over their love like it’s the last slice of meat lovers pizza or something dreams.) and the fact that EVERY TIME the nerdy (yet cute) guy falls dramatically in love with the super b**ch cheerleader who doesn't give him a second look but by the end of the movie they're practically married.  Because my chiquitas, that just doesn't happen (okay, maybe to like one in a billion highschoolers… maybe) in real life, and the poor nerdy guy (or girl) does not end up with the super b**ch cheerleader.

   Okay, so have any of you noticed that there are practically no strictly gay/lesbian love stories being published as books or made into movies? Yes? Well I think that since 98% of the writers and movie people (I don’t know who makes movies) don’t have any (lady) balls, and quite frankly I think they need to "strap on a pair" and GET TO WORK! *with the exception of Cassandra Clare, the author of the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series, where in the mortal instruments series there is a gay romance story in the background between Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane (eep!). Way to go Cassie! However, even in this book ITS IN THE BACKGROUND.* I think there needs to be a book (a popular book) focused on a pair of gay/lesbian lovers (they can be vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, demigods, ghosts, ghost whisperers, unicorn-squirrel human crossbreeds, WHATEVER) there just needs to be one.

   Familial Love. Familial love is a special kind of love, it relates to when your family is the craziest bunch of nut jobs you could possibly assemble together at one time and you have to love them, because they're all you’ve got. Familial love is the kind of love that a mother and child have or the love between siblings (even though it is not always present).

   The main difference between familial love and romantic love is usually you do not have the urge to "jump" your grandma. Romantic love is a need to be with an (at one time) complete stranger  who you, for some unknown reason have told all your inhibitions and fears to and you’ve opened up to this person and practically given them a knife to put through your heart at any given second, but because you’ve watched way too many movies and you're blinded by the idea of love, you don’t see the power you're giving this person to hurt you.

*to any prospecting boyfriends of me (so, nobody), this is now MY definition of the phenomenon of love.*

MY Definition of "Love"

1) Good morning/ Goodnight texts (YAAS) -- this shows you're thinking of "her"

2) Holding the umbrella for your "girl", and other little things you do for her that you don’t even 
notice, but she does…

3) Laughter Daily is Essential

4) FIGHT, don’t leave things to boil up inside, let them out.. and if it means you're sleeping on the couch, Oh Well :)

5) Be Yourself, and give this person the tools to hurt you (open up to them) and hope to god they don’t use them

6) DO NOT FORGET about the good old fashioned phenomena of DATES (yes, they still exist). If you like a girl Ask Her Out  on a DATE!! no more "yo b**ch, we datin' naw" texts… Please, I beg of you!

7) ALWAYS know your girl's favorite flower and chocolate… for when you (the guy) inevitably does something wrong and you have to get out of the "doghouse"

8) Give her your sweater (MUST DO)

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